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On 15th June 2017, CrystalVille Group hosted a berbuka buffet for the children of Rumah Siraman Kasih Rawang Selangor (RSK). The event was held at Opus Residence Clubhouse Cyberjaya where the Group’s ongoing residential development is.
A total of 50 children ages between 7 to 12 and four wardens were treated to a buffet spread consisting of rice with a selection of chicken, fish and vegetable dish, satay, pasta and assorted kuih muih.
Staff and the children performed Maghrib prayers shortly after breaking fast with kurma and kuih. The prayer was led by RSK’s warden. After prayers the guests proceeded with dinner. The children were entertained by renditions of Hari Raya song by CrystalVille’s talented staff.
Datin Azizah, wife to the Group’s Chairman presented raya packets to the children followed by a presentation of a cheque to RSK’s lead warden Puan Kamariah Bte Yaakob to subsidise the upkeep of the home by the Group’s CFO Puan Norhayati Amir.
Then it was the children’s to entertain our staff. The boys showcased their vocal talent by performing nasyid and the girls danced. As closing to the event, the Group’s entire staff sang the classic raya song ‘Balik Kampung’ to the amusement of the children and wardens. To commemorate the event a group photo was taken with all the guests.

From left to right:
Top row: Datin Azizah giving out Raya packet to RSK children and Puan Norhayati presenting a cheque and hamper to RSK’s lead warden Puan Kamariah Bte Yaakob
Middle row: Children at the buffet spread after Maghrib prayers and RSK boys performing nasyid
Bottom row: Staff family member chatting with RSK children while waiting for berbuka (both pictures)